About Me

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

— Jonathan Swift



Kam Wong is a Hong Kong-based professional photographer in wedding, event and product photography. With a major in Business Administration & Marketing, Kam understands well how to market a product and capture the essence of a person at the right moment.

There are lots of theories and principles on aesthetics which one can leverage and impress the others with. Kam sticks with the basics: “everything and everyone is unique, I, through the lens, catch the special moment, record the distinctive features and seize the beauty .”

Pre-wedding & Wedding :

Just as the old saying “Love makes a house a home”, wedding is more than a formality but the holy ceremony to publicly demonstrate the love and tie with your better half.

Whether you’d like to narrate your love story through reproduction of daily-life scenarios locally (your mother school, your favorite restaurant, your mutual hobby, etc.) or a memorable tailor-made trip aboard (your dream destination, your first-travel place, etc.) for pre-wedding photos, Kam is just right next to you to recommend ideas and to preserve those moments in the most natural way to reflect genuinely who you are and what your own love story is.

Understanding how much time and efforts you put to plan your wedding, and how perfect you expect it to be, Kam is privileged to be picked as your teammate in the creation of this particular precious memory by documenting all kinds of emotions on the special day. This one big-day can be preserved in images and videos so that you can relive the moments anytime.

Work with Me

Kam speaks fluently English, Cantonese and Mandarin. For more information, please email us
Kam is honored to hear from you.

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